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Greater Waukegan, IL


Plumbing Repair Service in Waukegan, IL

If you're searching for a Waukegan, IL, plumbing repair service that has personalized options, take a look at locally owned and operated Northshore Service Plumbers, Inc. We're a company that's committed to your satisfaction, and we'll give you a free estimate for the cost of the entire project. Our highly skilled technicians are available in your area, and many of our jobs can be completed in a day. We're licensed, bonded, and insured, and our hours are flexible throughout the week. We have Spanish-speaking representatives available and accept a variety of payment methods.

You can rely on us to give you fast and efficient service from start to finish, and we have 24/7 emergency help available. Don't wait any longer to get the help you need with your:

  • Pump installation
  • Sewer repair and cleaning
  • Drain cleaning

The entire staff at Northshore Service Plumbers, Inc. pays close attention to detail on each job. Give us a call today to get the Waukegan, IL, plumbing repair service that you're looking for.


Restored to grade

Back filled and compacted soil to grade