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Pipe Coating in Waukegan, IL

{business_name} is a pipe coating company in Waukegan, IL that specializes in fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) coating. FBE coating is the most widely used and highly dependable way to protect pipes from corrosion. We work with steel pipes used for most pipeline construction purposes, as well as concrete reinforcing bars, valves, and other crucial components of most pipeline systems. See how we’re redefining the standard in protective coating for pipes.

A Thorough Yet Efficient Process

FBE coating is a powder-based mixture that is bonded—or fused—to the pipe through a process that uses heat to melt the powder into a liquid that coats the pipe. At Northshore Service Plumbers, Inc., our pipe coating experts will thoroughly and efficiently coat your pipes, ensuring the pipes are first cleaned and heated, before applying and bonding the coating. We’re capable of handling pipes of most sizes, from as narrow as 2 inches in diameter, to as wide as 60 inches. Call or visit Northshore Service Plumbers, Inc. in Waukegan, IL to see how we rise above other pipe coating companies.


Pop Up Emitter

New pop up emitter for sump pump and gutter in Waukegan. Directing water away from house to gravel bed.