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Sewage Removal in Waukegan, IL

As any health expert can tell you, sewage isn’t just dirty water that can be mindlessly mopped up. Sewage can be a real health risk, and if you’re facing a sewage problem in your home or business in Waukegan, IL, you need to call in an expert to have it addressed. And that's precisely where we come in. If you're looking for reliable sewage extraction services in Waukegan, IL, trust the team at Northshore Service Plumbers, Inc. to get the job done.

At Your Service

At Northshore Service Plumbers, Inc., we understand how serious sewage is. That's why we’re committed to:

  • Responding promptly with efficient solutions to your sewage problems
  • Taking remedial steps to ensure that your property is properly sanitized
  • Guiding you through the entire cleanup process
Sewage removal isn't the kind of work that can wait, so don't put it off. Call us today to schedule an appointment for sewage extraction.


Pop Up Emitter

New pop up emitter for sump pump and gutter in Waukegan. Directing water away from house to gravel bed.